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ading with Europe and have easy acce▓ss to the single market. What we are seeing is polit▓ics being put before the economy."For Tom Cridland, a businessman engaged in r

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eady-to-wear imports, a hard exit from the European single market would mea▓n a higher cost."I feel a bit disappointed. Then I have t

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o consider setting up logistic centers in Italy or▓ Portugal. It may cost more," he told Xinhua.On the foreign trade front, as EU accounts for roughly half of Britain's trade volumes, market watchers fe▓ar that a Brexit

would possibly result in the denial of Britain's access to the E▓uropean si

ngle market.However, May stressed that by embracing Brexit, Britain is abandoning the membership of a single market, but w▓ill pursue "greatest possible access to the single market

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on a fully recipro▓cal basis through a comprehensive free trade ▓agreement."EU'S READINESS TO TALKBritain's neighbors sounded a sigh of relief that the British government fina▓lly rolled ou

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t its Brexit plan, and expressed their ▓readiness to embark on the tough journey.European C▓ouncil President Donald Tusk said on Twitter that Ma▓y's speech on Brexit was "at least more realistic," adding

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at whateve r happens people will fi nd ne▓w and inn ovative ways of reacting to cha nging circumstances. In that respec t I have no fears of a har d Brexit," he said.Nick Small, a Labour councillor in Liverpool responsible fo r education, emp loyment and sk ills, sa▓id h e is totally oppos ed to a hard ▓Bre xit. "I believ e we need to keep tr 上栗县wap 濮阳市wap 亳州市wap 方山县wap 岳西县5G 通辽市库伦旗wap 滨海县5G 18.湖南省5G 长乐市5G 舒兰市wap 彰武县5G 封开县5G 察哈尔右翼前旗wap 阜阳市5G 大埔县5G 东源县wap 印江土家族苗族自治县wap 兴化市wap 老河口市wap 抚顺县wap 传奇私服收费外挂网 win7架设传奇私服 最新开的传奇私服 传奇私服网站新开网sf 传奇私服单机架设视频 传奇私服gm回收元宝 网通复古传奇私服1.85 传奇私服网站今日新服 新开传奇私服1.85玉兔 超变态传奇私服发布网